The Yodenheim Project

Project Type:

AR Game - Unity - Vuforia - Maya


Spring 2022

This project was done in collaboration with Elizabeth Hjeny and Willie Glover

The Yodenheim project is a unique puzzle game that combines physical puzzle elements with AR visuals. Your grandpa has left you 2 strange cubes with unfamiliar runes on them, along with the cubes there is a letter describing an ancient magic hidden within the cubes. Using encrypted notes from your grandpa, and your mobile device's AR capabilities you have to match the correct sides of the cubes to unlock the secrets within.

The game is 3-player experience where one player uses their device to decrypt the puzzle hints/riddles while the other two players hold a cube and use their devices to see what shapes are on what sides of their cube. Through communication and cooperation, the players must combine the correct cube faces and solve the puzzle.

I was responsible for concept development, 3D printing, user interface, and branding for this project. We designed our two cubes and then used AR image markers placed on each face. The game was coded and developed using Unity and Vuforia.

One of my favorite elements of this project was getting to explore 3D printing. I had never done any 3D printing before and it was very rewarding to model something and then be able to hold it in my hands. This process has also helped me understand how to prepare future models for printing, and how I can use 3D printing in my research on touch-based connection and how texture/weight influence a user's experience.