OSU Fan Engagement

Project Type:

AR Project/Experiment - Modelviewer - AR.JS - Peel3D


Fall 2021

Responsible For All Aspects

This AR project was an exploration of web-based and location-based AR experiences and what they could be like if paired with the Ohio State stadium experience. I had the opportunity to present possible ideas to the athletics media team, and they were very interested in seeing what kind of experiences could be created.

I ended up testing out coordinate-based AR by using a demo model from AR.JS (see video). I also tested various methods with Modelviewer and A-Frame, 2 engines used for web-based AR/VR content creation. Part of this project also included 3D scanning Brutus Buckey using Peel3D, and creating a placeable version of him for AR.

This project was a particularly challenging experience due to the on-site nature of the research. I visited Ohio Stadium several times, but wi-fi issues and weather sometimes made it difficult to work. Nonetheless, I accomplished my goal of exploring various AR methods and I have been applying what I learned about location-based AR to other experiences. A lot of the discoveries I made during this project influenced the OSU Immersive History experience because I wanted to try a lesser-known method for creating location-based AR.