Lost Captain

Project Type:

VR Experiment - Unreal Engine - HTC Vive Pro System - Maya - Substance Painter



Lost Captain is a virtual reality experiment where I had the goal of getting my feet wet with Unreal development and the HTC Vive Pro Headset & tracker system.

The experience I created is a short narrative piece where you are part of a salvage crew picking up an abandoned ship. The old captain of the ship went mad and killed everyone on board, but that was ages ago so the ship should be empty right now... right? By installing a new AI core in the ship's computer you can bring the ship back to life so you crew can tow it, but when the ship hums to life you hear a distant sound that's definitely not human.

By the end of this short project I had learned the basics of Unreal development, and had created an environment prototype that could immerse the user in the narrative. I also successfully set up the HTC Vive object trackers to track a 3D printed prop I made for the experience. The result was a playtest where players picked up the object and walked a short distance to activate the computer.

I see this project as a huge opportunity for future work. I want to continue building on the experience and testing out different things to refine the experience as I learn more about Unreal and controllerless VR experiences!