Graduate Research Associateship - AR Trees

Project Type:

AR Experience - Glitch - Modelviewer Framework- Maya - Tree It - XCode - ARKit


Fall 2021 - Spring 2022

For my first-year graduate associateship I served as a research associate under the mentorship of Dr. Matthew Lewis. We worked on developing a web-based augmented reality tree-visualizer for community groups in Cleveland Ohio.

My responsibilities during this project have ranged from concept development, 3D asset modeling, web development, graphic design, and user experience design. The official page for this research project will be available in the future at the website for Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design.

The goal for this project was to create an easy-to-use experience that could live on the web and be available to anyone that needs it. In addition to conducting research for the development itself, a lot of research was conducted around the USDZ file structure and how AR works for different mobile platforms. The findings reported that the USDZ file structure is still in its infancy, and has several performance bugs that need to be worked out. During my practice-based research I was in contact with a graphics engineer at Apple who helped me solve various issues and even took a look at various bugs to see how future updates to Apple's AR tools could solve those problems.

Though this project was done as part of my graduate associate position, I have been applying some of my newfound knowledge to my ongoing thesis research. Investigating AR and developing for the web has taught me some valuable lessons about HTML code and what it looks like to design experiences for multiple platforms.