Disney AR

Project Type:

AR Experience - Unity - Maya


Spring 2022

This app was created to enhance the reading experience for Disney's MAPS book. Using the Unity game engine, models sourced online, and a few custom scripts, I created an AR experience that allows you to use your mobile device to augment exciting and interesting content over the pages of the book. This project was not done in collaboration with the Walt Disney Company, it was a personal project done by myself.

Throughout the development process, I was constantly trying new things and experimenting with different UI elements. A large part of this experience was creating something that could theoretically live within the Play! Disney Parks mobile application. This was also my first time creating an AR experience within Unity, and exploring the Vuforia AR engine was both challenging and rewarding. The experience itself has also helped me in my personal research by allowing me to experiment with something that requires the unique interaction of turning the page and using your mobile device. By augmenting a book rather than just a still image, the user can engage with the content on the page, and feel more connected to the experience since they are turning the pages and exploring for themselves.