Project Type:

VR Immersive Environment - Unity - Maya Substance Painter


Fall 2021

This project was done in collaboration with Mila Gajic

For this project we wanted to create an unsettling environment taking place in a hospital. The story of this experience is that you've woken up in an empty hospital, although it seems like people were just here. You explore the environment as you piece together clues on how to get out, eventually taking an elevator. But when the elevator doors reopen you find yourself right back where you started, trapped in a terrifying loop. 

This was our first time working in VR, and we developed the experience using the Oculus package for Unity. It was a fun learning process, and we were able to create a standalone experience that could be played with the Quest 2. I was responsible for main environment modeling & texturing as well as some prop modeling/texturing.

This environment was designed to be explored without any commonplace narrative devices such as characters or narration. The experience is totally subjective as users explore the space at their own pace, finding narrative breadcrumbs to piece together the story. This was my first project where I employed the use of an environment-driven narrative, and the feedback from playtesters was an awesome insight into how the absence of traditional narrative can create a truly unique experience.