clay pass 2.jpg
This project was heavily influenced by my love for the Last of Us Series from Naughty Dog. I wanted to create an environment that brings modern technology into a dystopian environment. The story here is the site of a train crash that took place over 400 years ago. The city streets have been flooded by dirt and rubble and have been overgrown with trees and dense grass. This project taught me a lot about asset management and planning for large environments like this. I took a much more concrete approach by planning out the large building to the left as well as sketching out layouts for the scene. There were also some assets that I ended up cutting due to framing desires for the camera. 
Abandoned City Concept.jpg
Above you can see the concept created for the left building as well as a working title "The Incident." The most challenging part of this scene was creating believable foliage and dirt accumulation while minimizing visible clipping and other constraints. I took a more procedural approach for the foliage by developing some stock trees and grass in Speedtree and then importing them into the scene. Originally my plan was to texture this scene but I later decided to keep it as simple as possible by leaving the material as a clay render. In the future I plan on going back in with fresh eyes and developing more clutter assets and details to really bring the scene to an even higher level of quality. Below you can also see some of the first blocking and layout I did several months ago. Overall the project took about 2 months to complete from concept to render. 
Blocking Stage 1.jpg
Early Blocking
Blocking Stage 4.jpg
Blocking Stage 2